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The Voice of Europe Episode 151

Today, as on most Fridays, I’m co-hosting the Internet radio show The Voice of Europe, alongside Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff. Join us as we discuss gender relations and sexual politics in Europe from a pro-male and anti-feminist perspective. Tonight’s … Continue reading

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Is Democracy Rule of the People?

The very etymology of the word suggests that democracy is the rule of the people. Democracy has even been called “self-rule” and the decisions of democratic governments are often considered the will of the people. All that is ideological nonsense. … Continue reading

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Why I’m a Libertarian Part 3/4: Negative Externalities of Government

For part 1 of this series, see The Coercive Nature of Law. For part 2, see The Efficiency of Free Market Capitalism. The most popular argument against free markets among economically literate people is market failure. Non-libertarians who understand economics … Continue reading

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The Economist’s Question

An economist was once asked how his wife was. His answer: “Compared to what?” This old economics joke illustrates one of the central lessons of economics. In decision making, it does not matter how good or bad a particular option … Continue reading

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Against Egalitarianism

Having followed the debate on sexual politics in the non-feminist camp for a number of years now, I’ve come across many critics of feminism who contend that the very term “feminism” reveals a rejection of equal rights between the sexes … Continue reading

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Is the German Language Older Than English?

When I was re-reading Thomas Sowell’s Black Rednecks and White Liberals in preparation of writing a review of it, I stumbled across the following passage: Germans are an old people—their language is centuries older than English, French, Spanish, or Italian … Continue reading

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Stop Calling Everyone a Hypocrite

Chances are you’ve come across something like this before: Isn’t it hilarious how hypocritical socialists are? They sit there in their sweatshop-produced Che Guevara T-shirt, sipping Starbucks coffee while posting on Facebook about how capitalism is oppressive. Or maybe this … Continue reading

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Why I’m a Libertarian Part 2/4: The Efficiency of Free Market Capitalism

For part 1 of this series, see The Coercive Nature of Law. Any large society faces the problem of social coordination: how do you get people to work together in a more or less coordinated and harmonious way? After all, … Continue reading

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This Blog Now with Two Times More (or Three Times as Much) Pedantry

Suppose a particular firm’s revenue rose from $1 million to $7 million from one year to the next. How would you describe that increase? If you wanted to show off, you could say the revenue septupled. A less pretentious description … Continue reading

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Historical Myths Part 2/∞: Christianity Kept Europe in the Dark Ages

Chances are you’ve probably seen something like this before: The argument goes something like this: Christianity is anti-science since it places blind faith over reason (Exhibit A: the Galileo affair) and the Medieval Catholic Church suppressed scientists out of fear … Continue reading

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