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The Voice of Europe Episode 154 – Men’s issues going mainstream in the UK?

Today, as on most Fridays, I’m co-hosting the Internet radio show The Voice of Europe, alongside Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff. Join us as we discuss gender relations and sexual politics in Europe from a pro-male and anti-feminist perspective. Tonight’s … Continue reading

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Against “Equal Pay for Equal Work”

(An earlier version of this article appeared on A Voice for Men.) One of the most persistent talking points of feminists and politicians alike is the gender pay gap. You constantly hear things like, “Women only make 80 cents on … Continue reading

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Against Egalitarianism

Having followed the debate on sexual politics in the non-feminist camp for a number of years now, I’ve come across many critics of feminism who contend that the very term “feminism” reveals a rejection of equal rights between the sexes … Continue reading

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Against Dictionary Feminism

When feminists defend their ideology, they frequently retreat to the claim that feminism is merely about gender equality, and who could be against that? Even many people staunchly opposed to the modern feminist movement often say that they are feminists … Continue reading

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