The Voice of Europe Episode 157

Today, as on most Fridays, I’m co-hosting the Internet radio show The Voice of Europe, alongside Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff. Join us as we discuss gender relations and sexual politics in Europe from a pro-male and anti-feminist perspective.

After feminists have spent decades making the education system friendly to girls and women and hostile to boys and men, leading to women overtaking men in terms of educational achievement, women are now complaining that some of them can’t find a husband who’s at least as educated as they are. In other news, male-to-female transgender people in the UK are demanding that the NHS pay for artificial wombs, a French ethics committee finds that purposefully conveicing children to grow up without a father is perfectly ethical, and Germany passes a harsh new law against hate speech on social media.

The show starts at 8 PM CEST, which is 2 PM EST, 11 AM PST, and 2 AM AWST.

Content warning: Likely to contain the occasional swear word. May be unsuitable for children and snowflakes.

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